Olympus Professional Dictation

Introducing Olympus Dictation to our suite of products!

PowerMic II

Combine Physician Dictation with PC Mouse Functions

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Voice Recognition

With Dragon desktop dictation solutions, it’s faster and easier to create and edit documents or email without typing. Just say words and they appear on the computer screen. Tell your computer what you want to do, and it obeys you. Dragon gives you the freedom to interact with your computer in a more natural environment, so you can focus more on the actual content of your documents instead of the manual task of typing.

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Filing Solutions

Timely access to information. Regulatory compliance. Electronic Documents. Maximum space utilization. Vital records protection. Records management. We helps organizations like yours address and solve critical business issues. Our records management solutions include file folders, color coded filing systems, mobile shelving, cabinets, office file moves, file management software, records retention, archiving, shredding, offsite storage, compliance, consultation and electronic document management. Working together, we analyze, develop and implement records management solutions that allow your organization to work more efficiently, make better decisions and manage your exposure to risk. Whether your company’s records are paper or electronic, we can help you ensure the information you need is there when you need it. By combining the best records management products and services with our knowledge and experience, we provide you with a complete framework to manage your information. This includes finding better ways to organize and file your records, establishing better storage methods to improve costly space utilization and increase employee productivity, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Digital Dictation

Converting your dictations into finished documents has never been faster. Digital dictation solutions from Philips offer a host of advantages over analog cassette-based devices and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing company workflows. All data are saved electronically on your PC and can be made available for processing immediately via your network. Dictations are automatically distributed, making your standard work processes quicker and highly efficient.

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We have been meeting the printing needs of our customers since we opened our doors in 1978. We have vast experience and success with our printing customers, this means we are capable of accomplishing the tough jobs and letting you focus on what’s important, and running your business. You can depend on us for all your printing needs.