Dragon Medical Practice Edition


Dragon® Medical Practice Edition is the most widely used and successful speech recognition solution in medical practices around the country.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition has been selected by more than 180,000 clinicians worldwide to document care directly in an electronic health record (EHR).

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is designed and priced especially for practices with less than 25 physicians, to help clinicians accelerate adoption of their chosen EHR.

Using Dragon Medical Practice Edition ensures clinicians document care more completely and ‘in their own words’. Clinicians using Dragon Medical Practice Edition have experienced substantially greater satisfaction than clinicians who use the EHR without front end speech recognition.DMPE_2_Left_Box_Shot_with_PowerMic_Bundle

Available only for practices of 24 physicians or less, Dragon Medical Practice Edition is 99% accurate ‘out of the box’ and includes a complete range of medical vocabularies. It allows clinicians to dictate in their own words, generating ‘once and done’ documentation which they can then review.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition lets clinicians navigate any Windows®-based EHR system using voice commands—three times faster than most people can type or click with a mouse.

Nuance realizes that the needs and budgets of smaller practices are significantly different from those of large health systems or hospitals.

Download a PDF with all the Features & Specs!

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