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Technology Consulting

We have been assisting clients new and old with their technology needs for well over a decade! In an ever changing world we have adapted to the needs of our cliental, Creative Business Systems has changed from an office supply company in the early days selling the needs of a medical office, growing from paper charts and metal cabinets, to a modern technology company, offering software solutions that have ranged from document management and electronic medical records. Today we offer a wide range of solutions to our clients focusing on the ever changing markets.

We realized early on that we needed to offer the technology services our customers needed rather than outsource them to third party vendors. Dealing in the small to medium sized medical and legal industries let us focus on the specific needs of those offices. We knew that not every client was a cookie cutter configuration, but instead, needed personal attention and a custom approach.

Our technology services and consulting department don’t stop at the products we sell. We have a vast knowledge of the industries our customers deal with, so even if we don’t offer the software you use there is a great chance that we have integrated with it, trained for it, or customized it to fit a need you desired in the past for other clients.

We offer a full range of technology needs: consulting, design, integration, deployment and support. Whether for a one room office with laptops and mobile devices, to a multi-site organization with a mixed environment of hardware and software. We are fulling capable of helping your office handle the complex needs that come with todays modern tech requirements.

Just a few of the services we offer our clients.

Voice Recognition Software

Dictation & Transcription Hardware

Cloud Data Storage

Offsite Backups

Device Management

Remote Access

Mobile App Deployment

Database Integration

Network development


Server Virtualization

Data Recovery