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Pocket Memo meeting recorder

dpm8900_philips-pocket-memo_meeting-recorder_rtf-1Designed to capture your meetings, the professional Conference Recording System 955 provides excellent sound quality combined with easy-to-use technology. Simple to set up, it comes in an elegant metal case for highest mobility. The pathbreaking conference microphone permits 360 degree pickup for comprehensive recording with maximum comfort. The extendability of components lets the system grow with the needs of your business. Get your meeting going with the Philips Conference Recording System.
Fast and simple

  • Fast set up for hassle-free installation
  • Easy-to-use devices for smart and time-saving workflow

Adapted to professional needs

  • Future-proof thanks to extendable microphones (daisy-chaining)
  • Enhanced mobility with elegant carry case
  • Professional two-channel recording

Designed around industry standards

  • Allows seamless working through standardized technologies
  • Supports mp3 as well as the .dss file format, the industry standard for digital recording

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